You find yourself being afflicted with HIV, AIDS, veneral diseases and you concluded that is the end of the world! Then you now make up your mind to sell it out to people, destroying souls. Devil put this thought into your mind to destroy, kill and finally meet him in hell!
HIV, AIDS serve as plagues they encountered in Egypt, which serve as disobedient to God, because you disobeyed God that is why the devil afflicted you with this disease, but if you confess your sin, and be obedient to God, He is faithful to heal you and set you free from the bondage of devil! God will take that diseases away; so go ahead and #forgiveyourself, forgive the people that hurt you in the past, and go on your kneels to confess all your sins to God, by listing all the men/women you have slept with on a paper and confess to God one after the other, break all the links, covenants that have connected you to them, then surrender fully to Jesus, and take the power and authority Jesus gave to you and rebuke, cast out every demons that have entered your life through sex and the disease, cast them out, anoint yourself as in James5:14-15 and stop committing fornication nor adultery again, be obedient to God, then see yourself overcome the devil,and keep studying the word to wash every deadly diseases away from your life and to set you free from the captive of the devil, then see yourself be restore back to a new baby! Amen.


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